Eager Park

Cities grow and change, and for most of us, the place we call home is defined by its people, its history, its community and its aspirations for the future.

In East Baltimore, there is a historic neighborhood that is experiencing a revival. At its heart will be a new park, named Eager Park, and the Henderson-Hopkins School, the first new public K-8 school in East Baltimore in 20 years. More than 600 houses and apartments have been built around Eager Park. The neighborhood now offers housing in a whole range of affordability from new and restored townhomes to mid-rise and high-rise apartment buildings.

Eager Park Programs & Activities

Brookfield Properties Activities
As one of our Main Developers, Brookfield Properties has created a link for people who are interested in hosting events and programs within Eager Park. Schedule an event at Eager Park.

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16th on the Park
Atwater’s Hopkins