Local Vendor Directory

In an effort to promote the use of local, minority, and women owned firms in EBDI-related projects, EBDI’s Economic Inclusion Team has developed a Local Vendor Directory that contractors, who are bidding on work in the EBDI footprint, can use as a resource to identify firms to help them meet EBDI’s economic inclusion goals.  EBDI’s Economic Inclusion Team meets with local, minority and women business enterprises (L/M/WBE) on a rolling basis to better understand contractors' qualifications and their interest in EBDI opportunities.   

The Local Vendor Directory is merely a resource to be used at the contractor’s convenience. Contractors should understand that any firm they select, whether identified from the Local Vendor Directory provided or from another source, will need to meet all requirements for the project for which they are contracted.  Contractors should also understand that the listing of a subcontractor’s name on the Local Vendor Directory does not guarantee that the subcontractor meets all the necessary requirements.

We have updated our Local Vendor Directory to include M/W/LBE firms only.  If you are an M/W/LBE firm and you would like to be added to our Local Vendor Directory, please email us at VendorForm@ebdi.org.  Non M/W/LBE firms should visit EBDI’s website for RFP/RFQ and project construction bid opportunities. The Local Vendor Directory will be updated and posted on the EBDI website periodically. CLICK HERE to access the latest directory.